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AE Animator

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Motion Graphics Creation: Use Adobe After Effects to design and animate engaging motion graphics for course material, trailers, and promotional content.
  2. 3D Animation Integration: Utilize experience in 3D software such as Blender or Maya to enhance animations and add depth to motion graphics projects.
  3. Automation Expertise: Implement automation techniques within After Effects to streamline workflow processes and increase efficiency.
  4. Collaboration: Work collaboratively with the creative team, including producers, directors, and other animators, to ensure cohesive and impactful visual storytelling.
  5. Quality Assurance: Maintain meticulous attention to detail to ensure the accuracy and consistency of animations and motion graphics.
  6. Continuous Skill Development: Stay updated on industry trends, software updates, and animation techniques to enhance skills and capabilities.
  7. Creative Conceptualization: Contribute to the creative conceptualization process by generating ideas and suggesting innovative approaches to visual storytelling through motion graphics and animations.
  8. Deadline Management: Manage time effectively to meet project deadlines while delivering high-quality work.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Mastery of Adobe After Effects: Possess expert-level skills in Adobe After Effects for advanced motion graphics and animation projects.
  • Proficiency in 3D Animation: Experience with 3D animation software such as Blender or Maya is a significant plus, allowing for integration of 3D elements into motion graphics.
  • Automation Abilities: Demonstrate the ability to create automations and streamline processes within After Effects for increased productivity.
  • Attention to Detail: Exhibit excellent attention to detail to ensure the quality and accuracy of animations and motion graphics.
  • Team Collaboration: Ability to work effectively within a team environment, communicating ideas and feedback clearly and constructively.
  • Deadline Orientation: Strong ability to manage time effectively and deliver high-quality work within tight deadlines.
  • Industry Experience: Familiarity or experience with the e-learning or education industry is advantageous, but not mandatory.

Salary: $65k-85k USD

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